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Corporate website is an effective marketing tool that can make a beautiful presentation of your company, products and services on the Internet. An excellent tool for creating a positive image of your company.

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Price: from 2999 USD
Deadline: from 20 days
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Front Bootstrap Desktop/Mobile adaptive layout
Panoul Convenient admin panel for all your needs
Content Development and promotion of your site
Garantie Lifetime warranty for the entire project
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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate website is an effective marketing tool that can make a beautiful presentation of your company, products and services on the Internet. An excellent tool for creating a positive image of your company.

Corporate website - this is not an expense, but an investment that pays back almost at the same speed in the form of new customers.

The cost of creating a corporate website depends on the objectives of your company and considered individually

Creating a corporate website from a freelancer
Here is a finger in the sky - or you will be lucky, or spend time and money in the middle of nowhere. When choosing a freelancer you should be guided by his experience (as evidenced by reviews on exchanges and portfolios). But even if you go to a specialist with hundreds of positive reviews, you are not deprived of risks:

You can't be sure that the developer will get in touch when you need him;
The collaboration is not legally backed up. You don't enter into a contract for services. Consequently, no one guarantees that the project will be delivered on time or that its cost will not change;
The primary goal of the performer - to receive his income. He is not particularly interested in the success of your business.

All the work on the development of a corporate website is performed by one person. And this is a big minus. Freelancer can not replace a whole group of people who work in a web studio to create the project. He is not a marketer, so will not conduct a marketing analysis. He will not be able to properly compose the PPM and sales content. Freelancer can be strong in design, but little understanding of the principle of layout, creating error after error in the process. Or, conversely, to be a professional in the layout, but have absolutely no taste, which will affect the design of the site. Of course, there is an option to apply separately to each specialist: a freelance designer, freelancer - programmer. But not the fact that the total cost you will be satisfied and the result will like, because the risk of errors due to the lack of understanding of the specialist, or lack of knowledge of the project as a whole increases.

If you want to save money and plan to order a turnkey corporate website at a low price, then most likely the design will be formulaic. And if you decide not to save money and turn to a professional, which is recommended by hundreds of companies, then be prepared to splurge. Professionals who know their capabilities and understand what results you will achieve on their basis, can offer their services at a large range of prices. Yes, you will end up with a cool corporate website. But you are not immune from the risks in any case.

Our company has 10+ years of experience and created more than 650+ sites.

+Cooperation under an official contract that fixes the agreed amount and timing. They cannot be changed. Otherwise you as a client can sue the performer for breach of obligations;

+Web studios have a team of developers, each of whom performs their tasks. This reduces the likelihood of errors due to the limited amount of work;

+Experienced web studios offer a full range of works: from marketing and SEO analysis to Internet marketing and comprehensive long-term project promotion.

Web studio is fully responsible for its work and for the final result. The developers are interested in the success of your business, because the more you profit, the longer you work with the company. In addition, good reviews for the web studio are very expensive. They form the image of the company, position it in a niche, which brings new clients.

85% of our new clients are recommendations from our existing clients. We are very proud of this high rate of recommendations.

We are the only company on the market that provides a lifetime warranty on our developed website. For 10+ years we have developed more than 700 websites and are confident in the quality and reliability of our solutions. We also help our clients to develop projects in the future and support our clients on all questions concerning Internet promotion.

We are Performance Marketing experts and we know exactly what you need to do in order to establish a steady flow of requests and calls from potential customers through the Internet. We guarantee that you will have the lowest cost per conversion (CPL) in your segment, and this requires taking into account a lot of important details such as: an attractive offer on the website, a user-friendly and intuitive website, and a properly configured advertising campaign.

Website builders are popular, but it is not always profitable. Constructors have a test version, it is free. For further use, a monthly fee is required. With simple mathematics, you can calculate whether it is relevant to use online designer.

Giving preference to designers, remember that the savings in payment will certainly affect the quality of your site. So if you want to get a really good corporate website as a result - do not save money. Otherwise, your work will fail due to lack of features and, as a result, a large number of failures.

Also you will never be able to achieve a super low cost per order (CPL) due to the fact that the template is a universal solution, the highest % of conversions only on sites with custom design.

Five Stars Agency is an official Google Partner and Facebook Partner. For more than 6 years we have been effectively promoting our clients using the Performance Marketing methodology. We use the most effective tools and platforms for advertising, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Technical errors and unoptimized content are the most common problems that prevent websites from occupying the top positions in search results. Because of this, promotion does not give the desired conversions, the flow of customers and the growth of sales. To the site began to bring real profit, you should identify and eliminate existing bugs. This can be done by conducting a comprehensive technical audit of the site.

There are a few golden rules for creating a high-conversion website:
1. It is necessary to perform an analysis of competitors and on the basis of the analysis to create a unique selling proposition that will be attractive to the client.
2. It is necessary to properly and attractively design this proposal on the site in desktop and mobile versions.
3. need to do Usability test web site, ie to understand how easy the structure of the Web site and whether it is understandable to most visitors.
Also need to fill the site a variety of marketing tricks and tricks. Details of this point we can discuss at us or in your office for a cup of coffee.

We have created more than 650+ sites from one-pages, to forums and large online stores
See our work here: Portfolio

Hosting and domain are concepts that define where a site resides on the Internet.

Hosting provides the necessary space to store your site on the Internet, and the domain is responsible for its online address.

What would like to note first of all, hosting and domain - these concepts are rentable, that is, you can not buy them forever, you must periodically pay for them a certain amount. For example, the minimum term of the order of the domain is one year, and hosting - one month. But let's go deeper into the consideration of these values, so that everything becomes clear to you.

Hosting - this is kind of apartment for the site. That is, you apply to some hosting provider (online landlord), he offers you certain conditions (virtual or dedicated server, scripts and program languages support, the necessary space), and you decide whether they are suitable for you.

Team for the professional creation of a corporate website:

  • Marketer
  • SEO Specialist
  • UI/UX designer
  • Web Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Web Designers
  • Programmer
  • Content Manager
  • Project Administrator
  • Translator, illustrator, 3D-artist, videographer, animator, consultant, photographer...

This is what a team for the creation of an Internet project looks like. There are six to fifteen people working on the project. Each specializes in a particular stage. With the customer it often causes confusion: the old site did "student who installs antiviruses. One did, without the ensemble. Why do we need so many people if the last site was done by a lone freelancer?

If you're doing a corporate site for a business to make money, you need a professional team. No freelancer is going to do it alone. And an "IT guy" who services 1C Accounting is not going to do it. It's a bitter truth and if you're serious about the site some boy is pulling for you, you're in trouble.

The term to create the site depends on the specification, which determines the amount of work to be performed. Also on the term affects the choice of template or individual design. The project with an individual design is performed on the order of longer than the template design. In general, the development of the project can take from 10 working days to 100 working days.

In order to bypass your competitors' sites and reach the top you need to analyze all your main competitors and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, the strengths must be made even stronger, and the weaknesses must be beaten. Our ambitions do not allow us to do projects that will not be in the top. We will definitely help you and your business beat the competition.

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We are proud of each of our clients and glad to help them conquer the Internet
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Dumitru CIOBANU Director, AddAcsaCI Power LTD
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Anastasia Manager
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Marina Gonchar Manager of Codru Tourist Complex

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