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Basic tariff
349 €/mths. exclusive of VAT
  • 5 publications / 5 storis
  • Typical solutions
  • Targeted advertising
  • CPL, CPS optimization
  • Page design
  • Publication design
  • Translation of text
  • Conversion tracking
  • Personal manager
  • Monthly report
Medium tariff
599 €/mths. exclusive of VAT
  • 10 publications / 10 storis
  • Promotion strategy for 6 mths.
  • Targeted advertising
  • CPL, CPS optimization
  • Remarketing
  • A/B testing
  • Photographer's visit
  • Page design
  • Publication design
  • Translation of text
  • Conversion tracking
  • Personal manager
  • Monthly report
Premium tariff
1049 €/mths. exclusive of VAT
  • 30 publications / 60 storis
  • Promotion strategy for 6 mths.
  • Targeted advertising
  • CPL, CPS optimization
  • Remarketing
  • A/B testing
  • Photographer's visit 4 times
  • Analyzing your competitors
  • Brand positioning
  • Selecting, verifying bloggers
  • Mood Board development
  • Publication design
  • Translation of text
  • Conversion tracking
  • Personal manager
  • Monthly report

Frequently Asked Questions

Price of promotion and advertising in social networks Instagram and Facebook largely depends on the amount of work performed, their quality and timing. The number of publications, their periodicity and focus also matters. FIVE STARS AGENCY Company has at least several specialists working on each project, including a strategist, a marketer and a content developer. And the more ambitious the goals set by the customer, the more resources are involved in the work and, accordingly, the higher is the price of brand promotion in social networks Instagram and Facebook.

SMM promotion should not be placed in private hands. Especially at the initial stage. This is due to the fact that SMM is an important part of the communication and marketing strategy, which badly needs to be integrated into the overall marketing communications system. Competently build the overall structure and make all the necessary adjustments, including targeting, can only specialists with sufficient experience in practical work.

We sometimes have to correct promotion methods after novice "SMM-specialists". Often the correction of other people's mistakes, followed by a competent adjustment of the system takes up a considerable amount of time, which is reflected in the price of the work. However, sometimes it is better not to waste time and money on different dilettantes, but to apply directly to the professionals of FIVE STARS agency!

FIVE STARS is a full-service digital agency. We solve any tasks for promotion and promotion of your goods and services on the Internet. Our highlight is a personal approach to the needs of each client. Our goal is a satisfied client!

After more than 10 years of experience in digital industry, we achieved leading positions in SMM promotion and online advertising in the Republic of Moldova. We have a team of 25 professionals at your service, including marketers, analysts, auditors, programmers, designers, photographers, strategists, copywriters, target marketers and other professionals with an impressive experience and a solid knowledge base!

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a complex of activities aimed at establishing and maintaining contact with your potential customers through social networks. Thanks to SMM advertising you can competently present the brand, form a positive image, increase recognition and build a close relationship of trust with customers. In many cases SMM is the most effective in terms of "warming up" the client to buy your products and services!

We have ready cases and rich experience in promoting and advertising companies operating in various sectors and activities in Moldova and abroad. The team of FIVE STARS agency is always focused on long-term cooperation, and the recommendations of our regular clients are one of the main indicators of our excellent work! We are ready to give you a forecast of the results of your business promotion in social networks even before we conclude our contract with you!

Starting a page, creating a group, developing and posting content - that's not all you need to professionally advertise and promote your brand on Instagram and Facebook. To be effective, you need hands-on experience in areas such as:
- Engaging your target audience;
- Analyzing the performance of your competitors;
- Quickly identifying business weaknesses;
- Establishing and maintaining contact with your audience;
- weeding out the negativity;
- creation of selling texts;
- selection and placement of video and photo content;
- development of successful pages in social networks;
- setting up targeting advertising.

This is only part of the functions required for successful SMM promotion of social networks. Lack of professionalism in at least one of the above areas can lead to just the opposite effect. If you have little experience and knowledge in SMM, then you should entrust the promotion and promotion of your business in social networks to the team of FIVE STARS agency!

We can use a huge number of social networks to promote and advertise your products and services. But do you really need it? There are many different social networks on the Internet, and each of them has its own focus, audience, regionality and other characteristics. Even social networks with tens of millions of users might be not effective enough for your business if all the necessary conditions for SMM promotion are not met.

Of course, if you have an immeasurable advertising budget, we will place your ads everywhere at your request! However, the best option in terms of "price - quality" is still work with those sites where contact with your target audience is most likely. Save your money by trusting the professionals of the FIVE STARS agency!

There are methods for gaining a large number of subscribers in a short period of time. An impressive number may impress some users, but not those who are the slightest bit familiar with Internet technologies and targeting advertising. A large number of "likes" or subscriptions in many cases is not an indicator of interest in your company's products and services. Moreover, it can also damage your reputation when it turns out that most of the "likes" and subscriptions are from "dead" accounts, or people who simply can not use your services due to, for example, remoteness of residence.

On the other hand, if the bulk of your subscribers are your target audience, then the credibility of your company increases! And the effect of SMM promotion and advertising is incomparably higher if the information from your page is read by people who are really interested in your products and services! FIVE STARS agency team offers you exactly such an audience.

You can promote almost any goods, brands and services in social networks. The main differences lie in the choice of optimal Internet sites, the setting of targeting, as well as the objectives of promotion, such as:
- increasing sales;
- improvement of brand awareness;
- creating a positive image;
- maintaining a dialogue with the target audience.

Characteristics of audience, regionality, orientation and other parameters can vary greatly, so for each type of goods or services we determine the most effective set of cases, settings, methods and solutions.

For more than 10 years, the FIVE STARS agency team has been engaged in advertising and promoting domestic and foreign brands, companies, goods and services in social networks. Our specialists have collected a lot of cases and adjustments for different business areas in the markets of Moldova, Russia, Europe and the USA. We constantly monitor any changes in SMM, thereby improving the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. We often use situational marketing methods, which are most appropriate to the changes taking place in the country and in the world.

The optimal number of social media posts can only be determined after a careful analysis of the characteristics of your product or service, your field of activity, and the actions of your competitors. In one case only one "viral" publication per month may be enough, but in other situations 5 advertising and information posts per day may be needed. The recommended number and frequency of publications our experts will tell you after analyzing the specifics of your business.

SMM promotion and advertising of companies offering their services to legal entities is not an easy task. Nevertheless, competent representation of services and setting up B2B targeting in social networks contributes to solving a wide range of tasks, such as:
- Building and maintaining a certain image of your company;
- improvement of brand awareness among your potential customers;
- Strengthening the loyalty of existing customers;
- offering and selling your products and services to micro-businesses and self-employed professionals;
- search for your employees with the help of social networks;
- Increase traffic to your site;
- lead generation.

It should be noted that advertising and promotion of B2B companies is not within the power of every SMM specialist. It requires sufficient experience and knowledge in the field of targeting, adjustment, content development, audience analysis and other profile areas.

FIVE STARS agency team will provide you with everything you need to successfully promote your B2B company in social networks!

The size of the budget for SMM promotion and advertising is quite individual and largely depends on your goals, as well as the characteristics of your business. In our experience, the average check at the beginning of SMM promotion is 100 euros for one social network per month, whether it is Instagram or Facebook. Later when you see the result of our work, you can be satisfied with the effect and leave everything as it is, or decide to increase the budget in order to increase the number of orders and calls.

In turn, we constantly analyze your SMM campaign and are ready to provide you with professional recommendations for changing your advertising budget.

You can see the first results as early as the first week after the start of SMM promotion.

Only professionals can do quality SMM promotion and advertising! We do not compete with amateurs, offering cheap promotion in all senses. Private SMMschika simply do not have enough time to perform the full range of work! And the methods of adjustment and promotion used by such "specialists" often lead to the opposite effect.

For example, private SMMshchiki often use technologies such as boosting counters and attracting bots. Scoring often leads to "banning", which means that your page becomes inaccessible to users. As for bots, none of them will buy your product, use your services, fill your page with live communication. Is this the effect you are striving for?

We work only with your potential clients. The team of FIVE STARS agency devotes a lot of time and effort, delving into the specifics of your business, studying your target audience, offering the best settings and strategies to increase your profits. Creation of the posts, work with the objections, competent analytics, development, adjustment and focus advertising management - these and other functions of the SMM promotion will be effective for you only in case of well-coordinated work of the team of the competent specialists! FIVE STARS agency is at your service!

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