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349 €/mths. exclusive of VAT
  • Increase traffic to the site
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Usability audit
  • Text and Offer analysis
  • Increasing the link mass
  • Personal manager
  • Monthly report
Position tariff
449 €/mths. exclusive of VAT
  • Competitor analysis
  • Promotion of Google TOP10
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Usability audit
  • Text and Offer analysis
  • Increasing the link mass
  • Personal manager
  • Monthly report
SEO Audit service
749 €/mths. exclusive of VAT
  • List of recommendations
  • Competitor analysis
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Usability audit
  • Text and Offer analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of SEO optimization and website promotion to the top of Google directly depends on the practical experience and level of knowledge of the executor. The higher is his qualification, the faster and better is the effect of promotion. In addition, the cost of SEO and promotion in Google is also affected by other factors, including:
- The competitiveness of the topic of your website (the more competitors in your business sector, the more difficult it is to promote your site);
- the type of your site and its structural features;
- the coverage of your target audience, taking into account the region.

Effective SEO can not be cheap, as some freelancers offer. Saving on certain techniques, you can briefly make it to the top. But after that the chances are very high to fall below even those positions that were before the start of the work. Effective SEO optimization and promotion in Google - is only a team effort, which should involve several specialists in different areas. Naturally, the price of such services is higher, but the effect of teamwork is maximum!

SEO optimization and promotion in Google should not be entrusted to private hands. This is due not only to the lack of technical capabilities, experience and the necessary profile knowledge of freelancers. The fact that the majority of private SEO amateurs still use outdated technologies for promotion. In the old days, these methods were indeed considered quite reliable and effective. But not now. In our time, for the same methods of promotion your site may fall under search filters, and for a very long time. Accordingly, the effect of such "promotion" will be just the opposite of what is expected.

In addition, a private performer, offering an inexpensive promotion of the site, physically unable to take into account and perform the full amount of work required for an effective promotion. But you can contact FIVE STARS AGENCY and we will provide the full range of works on the effective SEO promotion of your site in the top of Google!

FIVE STARS is a full-service digital agency. We solve any tasks for the promotion of your services and goods on the Internet. Our highlight is a personal approach to the needs of each client. Our goal is a satisfied client!

After more than 10 years of experience in digital industry, we achieved leading positions in Moldova in website promotion and online advertising. We have a team of 25 professionals at your service, including marketers, analysts, auditors, programmers, designers, photographers, strategists, copywriters and other professionals with an impressive experience and a solid knowledge base!

When working with us you will have documentary evidence of all conditions, terms and technical operations performed by our experts. Send us your request and within 24 hours we will prepare a quote for you!

These days, almost all areas of business have an online presence. With the help of the Internet, buyers become familiar with products and services, study their features and characteristics. On the site, customers learn about how to buy and deliver, get information about the seller, ask questions, and find out contact information. The more your website is accessible for users, the higher chances are that they will buy from you and not from your competitors.

The higher the position of your Internet resource in the Google search engine, the higher are the chances to capture the interest in your business from your customers, your target audience. Competent SEO optimization and promotion in Google helps to significantly increase the target traffic to your website, which contributes to the flow of new contacts. Accordingly, you increase the number of sales, increasing recognition of your company, improving the image. Leading the search engines, your site becomes a constant source of customers for your products and services.

All these benefits of SEO promotion of your website in Google you will be able to use in cooperation with FIVE STARS AGENCY!

Search engine SEO promotion and Google Ads are two tools aimed at promoting a website. The main difference between them lies in the technology used, as well as the effect achieved.

Google Ads is a contextual advertising service aimed at informing users about the products and services offered by the advertiser. In most cases, advertising is presented in the form of links, which are displayed in the search results, as well as on the sites of members of the affiliate program Google. This type of advertising is characterized by a very quick effect, which, however, goes down sharply when you stop using the service Google Ads.

SEO promotion is to improve the position of the site in search results. The main value have keywords and phrases that help improve the position of the site in the organic search results. Unlike Google Ads, SEO methods do not have such a quick effect, but the result of SEO promotion is much more stable and holds for a long period of time.

Experts who study the behavior of Internet users are increasingly inclined to believe that users have more confidence in links from search results than in links placed on the rights of advertising.

The effect of search engine optimization directly depends on the experience in SEO optimization and promotion, knowledge of the principles of search engines, as well as competent analysis of the actions of competitors. Under conditions of constantly changing search engine algorithms it is often necessary to promptly make changes to the SEO campaign. The fact that search engines themselves provide minimal information on their new algorithms also presents a difficulty. Only specialists with sufficient experience and knowledge can determine the best ways of optimizing and SEO promotion of the site under the new conditions.

If you do not have enough knowledge and experience in SEO optimization and promotion, and you do not know what actions to take and in what order to improve the ranking of your site, your attempts to promote your site may lead to the opposite result. Correcting your mistakes can take a very long period of time. So it is better not to take risks and initially use the services of professionals SEO promotion.

First place in search results is a great result for your site. But, as various studies show, almost the same effect is given by any of the first 10 positions in the search results. That is, if your site is in the first 10, the chances that the user will go to your site are as great as if it were in first place. For comparison, on the second page of the search engine for links to go only 5% of users.

In addition, it is worth considering the fact that often the first 3-4 positions in search results are given to advertising Google Ads. Which, as mentioned above, has a fairly quick effect, but it is short-term. And the credibility of direct advertising is still less.

FIVE STARS AGENCY has been a leader in SEO promotion for more than 10 years. Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience. Each of our employees periodically undergoes training and fully possesses the competencies necessary to perform their tasks.

SEO promotion of companies that offer their goods and services to legal entities has its own characteristics. In this case, the greatest effect is given by the complex of measures, including SEO promotion, optimization, E-mail marketing, contextual advertising and social networks. Moreover, with this approach, SEO promotion works three times more effectively!

Such a high efficiency of SEO is explained by an increased level of trust in the organic output of the search engine by the users. Unlike contextual advertising, where absolutely any company can be advertised, the top places in the search engine are taken by sites with a good reputation and excellent behavioral factors. That is why for B2B companies investing in content development and further SEO promotion is advantageous.

In fact, with competent SEO optimization, the B2B company website becomes so popular with the target audience that the cost of attracting new clients is reduced to a minimum! FIVE STARS team will provide you with everything you need to successfully promote your B2B company website in Google!

SEO promotion to the top of Google works for the future, bringing the most stable effect. The first results are seen after the search robot indexes changes to the site. How soon it happens - it is difficult to say, because it depends on Google. On average, in our experience, indexing is carried out about a week after making changes. For our part, we try to speed up this process as much as possible by additionally sending links to modified pages through the appropriate web services.

In addition, other factors have an impact on the speed of obtaining optimization results, including:
- The credibility of the Internet resource on the part of the search engine, with the age of the site is one of the main criteria;
- The density of the results of search results, which depends on the number of sites being promoted in a given business sector;
- the usefulness of the site to users, where one of the key points is the total site traffic
- the authority of the site, depending largely on the number and quality of resources that refer to your site;
- The relevance of the site to the search query, where the main value acquires the number of documents relevant to a search query.

These and other conditions are taken into consideration in full if your site is promoted by FIVE STARS team!

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