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How Does a CRM System Help Grow Your Business and Find New Clients?

18 jul 2023
Let's start with a spoiler that sets the tone for the entire article: once you implement a CRM system, you won't be able to imagine your work without it!
"Pff, really? Are you serious?" This sarcastic question marks the beginning of a dialogue between a client and a developer, and it is at this point that all beliefs about confidently growing one's business without a CRM system start to crumble.

So, the main question is: What business challenges does the implementation of a CRM system help solve?

1. Sales Growth and Customer Retention
A CRM system is needed to ensure that no incoming request from a potential customer is missed. "This is only relevant for large businesses; we (small and medium-sized businesses) can manage with Excel spreadsheets," you may think!

We assure you that a CRM system is just as necessary for small and medium-sized businesses as it is for large ones. Competition in these niches is very high, and companies make every effort to attract and retain customers.

So, be aware that while you don't have a CRM system, your competitors are making significant profits from customers who could have been yours!

2. Employee Performance Monitoring
The absence of a CRM system in a company allows employees to work in their own convenient mode. Notes are taken in electronic notepads, paper diaries, spreadsheets, or sometimes not recorded at all, relying on memory. The same goes for email: employees send emails to clients from their personal mailboxes, corporate accounts, or even from a neighbor's computer (if necessary). Phone calls are made randomly using any available phone. As a result, tracking and monitoring a specific employee's interactions with clients and evaluating their effectiveness becomes, to put it mildly, difficult. A CRM system completely solves this problem! All contact information will be stored in one place, allowing you to easily track necessary calls, emails, or tasks at any time.

3. Building a Database for Integrated Analytics
A CRM system collects all information in one place in a standardized format. This enables managers to analyze the performance of individual employees at any time and assess their productivity. The CRM system will show you which employees consistently meet targets and which ones require improvement. Implementing a CRM system allows you to optimize the quantity and quality of your workforce, which directly impacts increasing your company's profitability.

A CRM system takes your business to a new level by providing a multitude of useful tools. For example, a CRM system integrated with telephony allows you to analyze the quality of the sales department's interactions with clients. In summary, after implementing a CRM system, you will always know the customer journey within your company, whether they return, and most importantly, how much revenue they bring.

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