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How to Automate Business Processes in Your Company with Bitrix24 CRM?

18 jul 2023

Have you ever considered how much working time is consumed by performing daily routine tasks? Creating and sending invoices for payment, generating daily reports, placing orders for product delivery... the list goes on endlessly.

Employees' time is not being used effectively!

Analyzing the situation, we can see that a significant portion of employees' working time is spent on paperwork and documentation, when they could be searching for new clients, increasing sales, and exploring new market niches.

Despite all the paperwork, department managers still expect plans to be executed and high efficiency to be maintained.

How can we solve this problem?
The key to the solution lies in implementing a business process automation software. Introducing such a program in the company allows employees to focus their attention on truly important tasks and work towards specific outcomes.

Which system do we propose?
Currently, Bitrix24 CRM is one of the top systems for business process automation worldwide. The Digital Agency "Five Stars" is an official business partner of Bitrix24 CRM in Moldova.

Bitrix24 CRM automatically performs the following business processes:

• Invoicing and billing
• Managing incoming and outgoing documentation
• Application processing
• Report generation
• Issuing delivery notes
• Task deadline monitoring
• Individual employee performance evaluation

These are just a few examples. By implementing Bitrix24 CRM in your business, you can customize the system to meet the specific needs of your company.

With Bitrix24 CRM, business processes become enjoyable!

You can create your own CRM system in Bitrix24 for free. Just follow the provided link. Free registration!

To learn more about the capabilities of Bitrix24, please contact us, and our representative will provide you with a free presentation!

P.S. Prefer listening over reading? We've got you covered! We have prepared a video showcasing all the possibilities of Bitrix24 CRM. Tune in right now!

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