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5 reasons to entrust SMM promotion to a digital agency

18 jul 2023

Some organizations handle social media marketing (SMM) promotion on their own. Typically, these responsibilities are assigned to a specific employee who juggles SMM promotion with other job responsibilities. But how effective is this approach?

Let's consider several typical situations that arise when attempting to perform SMM independently without involving digital agency specialists.

1. Residual SMM Approach
As practice shows, when attempting to handle SMM on their own, it is often done on a residual basis. This means that the responsibility for promoting the company's interests on social media is assigned to an employee as an additional task alongside their primary responsibilities. As a result, less time is devoted to SMM promotion because this employee focuses primarily on their core duties rather than the additional workload.

Even less time is allocated to SMM when company executives handle it themselves. The impact of such self-performed SMM promotion, if any, will be minimal. Essentially, the company periodically reminds others of its existence without expecting any feedback.

On the other hand, when social media marketing is handled by a professional digital agency, the company executive doesn't need to allocate a separate staff member for SMM. The team at FIVE STARS AGENCY takes care of all aspects related to representing and promoting your interests on social media! We handle all the operational details ourselves, ensuring that our clients only need to be involved when there is an opportunity for even better SMM results!

2. Need for SMM Technology Training
Effective social media marketing requires resources and knowledge. Not every business owner is willing to allocate funds to train their employees in methods that are not directly related to their core work. Moreover, it can be challenging for an outsider to grasp all the intricacies of SMM and effectively apply them in practice.

The team at FIVE STARS AGENCY consists of professionals who possess not only extensive knowledge but also significant practical experience. Our employees are equipped with specialized tools, software, and materials necessary for successful SMM. We offer a comprehensive range of internet marketing services, including lead generation, performance marketing, and other modern solutions that contribute to sales growth. We regularly conduct training sessions for our staff to enhance their skills and qualifications.

3. Attempts to save on SMM promotion
It is possible to save on SMM promotion by doing it yourself. However, engaging in self-promotion should only be done with the necessary expertise and experience. Otherwise, SMM may not only fail to deliver the desired results but also lead to adverse outcomes.

On the other hand, entrusting social media marketing to a digital agency will affect the cost of SMM services. The initial cost may not be low. However, even with such expenses, the economic benefits of collaborating with a digital agency are evident:

  • The employees of the client company are not distracted by unfamiliar tasks and can fully dedicate their time and attention to their core responsibilities.
  • The company saves on training its employees, who may also leave at any time.
  • The company avoids expenditures on equipment and specialized software.
  • SMM promotion in social networks is carried out by professionals using reliable and proven methodologies, without questionable and costly experiments on the client's target audience.

With over 10 years of experience in the digital industry, FIVE STARS AGENCY has achieved leading positions in website promotion and online advertising in the Republic of Moldova. We have a portfolio of successful cases and extensive experience in promoting companies from various business sectors. While our services are not free, your investments are returned through increased sales, new customers, and improved website conversion.

4. Involving Freelancers in Social Media Promotion
Among freelancers, there are many specialists who excel at their tasks. However, they are usually experts in a narrow field. They may have some understanding of related areas, but only in theory. How their knowledge translates into practice can only be discovered after making the appropriate financial investments in their work.

A modern digital agency brings together professionals with different specializations. Each of them performs a specific set of tasks that contribute to the effectiveness of SMM promotion. The number and specialization of the employees involved may vary, but certain specialists are involved in every SMM project. Among them are:

  • A project manager, whose role is to support the client at all project stages and coordinate work materials.
  • An SMM specialist who develops and implements the promotion strategy for the client's company on social media, including working with advertising campaigns, conducting analytics, and overseeing the work of other team members.
  • A designer responsible for the visual presentation of the company's page and the materials published on it.
  • A copywriter who develops the textual content of the published materials.

FIVE STARS AGENCY is a full-service agency. We are a unified team that solves any social media promotion challenges with a professional approach. All our employees work in the same office, which minimizes the time required to address any work-related matters!

5. Lack of Result Verification Mechanisms and Work Coordination
A client who is unfamiliar with the field of SMM may not be able to fully evaluate the results of their business promotion on social media. This is especially true for intermediate results, where the impact of an SMM campaign may not be very high yet. Engaging external specialists for analysis in such cases is not always objective, as the services of professional evaluators can be quite costly. Moreover, a private expert often cannot grasp the full range of solutions used in the SMM promotion process.

In this case, a good option for the client is to have constant consultation support from a digital agency. The specialists at FIVE STARS AGENCY always clarify all fundamental steps and numerous secondary aspects that influence the success of SMM promotion. Importantly, we do this without burdening the client's time. Within the agreed-upon timeframe, we provide reports on our work, including achieved results and recommendations for further actions.

When partnering with FIVE STARS AGENCY, the promotion of your business on social media is always carried out to the fullest extent and at the appropriate professional level!

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