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Why SEO Promotion is Better Entrusted to a Digital Agency Rather Than a Freelancer?

18 jul 2023

The work of a freelancer is sometimes compared to the work of a digital agency. Indeed, some individual specialists can compete with agencies in terms of performing specific tasks. However, a freelancer cannot provide the entire range of internet promotion services offered by a digital agency. Unfortunately, a freelancer is a specialized worker with limited capabilities.

How a freelancer works in SEO promotion

Attempting to work with a freelancer can lead to dealing with an unprofessional individual. Such a "specialist" will not only fail to help but can also cause harm. For example, they may employ gray and black hat SEO methods that will result in poor outcomes. Or, it is not uncommon for them to take upfront payment without actually completing the work.

There are numerous online advertisements from newcomers who work randomly. Having only a general understanding of SEO principles, they have a poor grasp of which specific tools to use and when, how to evaluate promotion results, and what subsequent actions to take. Often, they rely on outdated methods such as directory submissions, which are practically ineffective today.

The results of a novice's SEO work are ultimately unpredictable. However, even an experienced freelancer cannot fully control the entire SEO promotion process, especially if they are managing multiple projects simultaneously. A single person takes on optimization, content rewriting, semantic keyword research, and other related tasks. Even a seasoned freelancer cannot effectively handle multiple projects like a well-coordinated team of professionals from a digital agency.

It is crucial to exercise caution when considering freelancers. Some SEO freelancers, without valid reasons, may miss deadlines, employ questionable methods, or fail to respond to calls and messages. Typically, freelancers lack written contractual obligations, so the timeliness of their work depends solely on their commitment. In contrast, when working with a digital agency, all essential aspects are legally documented.

How a professional digital agency works

The professionalism of a digital agency is built on its reputation and extensive experience in successful work. Such an agency regularly participates in industry conferences and tenders, publishes articles in relevant publications, and earns awards and certificates at various events. Choosing such an agency for SEO promotion ensures the elimination of the risk of deception or subpar work.

The team of specialists in a digital agency is focused on solving a wide range of SEO-related tasks. At the very least, this team includes an SEO specialist, webmaster, programmer (developer), analyst, copywriter, and account manager. Each member of the team demonstrates a high level of professionalism. Amateurs have no place here, as entry into the team requires a rigorous competitive selection process.

Another distinctive feature of a digital agency is the presence of numerous successful case studies that demonstrate the solutions to various client problems. Potential clients can review completed cases and see how specific issues were addressed. Additionally, a digital agency has a wide range of tools, technologies, and ready-made solutions aimed at promoting a client's services and products online, including:

  • Competitor analysis functionality
  • Position tracking and express audit tools
  • Text analysis of queries
  • Semantic keyword research with clustering capabilities
  • Monitoring behavioral factors
  • Monitoring and control of technical and on-page optimization changes.

All major tasks performed by a digital agency are supported by reports. These typically include reports on completed technical work, KPI reports, lists of actions for content strategy, and other agency processes.

Whom to Choose for SEO: Freelancer or Digital Agency?

In theory, a freelancer can participate in the execution of a specific type of SEO-related work. If they are truly an experienced specialist with real evidence of successful work in their portfolio, their actions can positively impact the online promotion of a client's website. This is possible when the scope of work is limited, and the freelancer is not overwhelmed with other projects.

In all other cases, it is better to turn to a professional digital agency. This applies equally to SEO promotion, new website development, and large-scale e-commerce platforms. In effective SEO promotion, a comprehensive approach and teamwork are crucial. Only an agency can provide KPIs and other forms of comprehensive reporting. Moreover, guaranteeing the completion of all necessary tasks can only be ensured through collaboration with a legal entity.

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