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What can marketers do during the holiday season

19 jul 2023

The last days of December are a period of intense competition among advertising budgets. In anticipation of the New Year and Christmas holidays, marketing departments strive to offer the most attractive conditions to attract customers. Information about holiday discounts, large-scale sales, and New Year and Christmas promotions fills the entire media space.

With the arrival of January, a lull sets in. Some promotions still try to attract the attention of potential consumers, but it all happens somewhat automatically. Most marketers go on a two-week holiday break, considering their task at the moment completed. But is this approach justified?

In reality, there is a lot that can be done during this period. Any future advertising campaign requires preparation, and some of this work can be done now. Here are some specific tasks you can focus on:

Smart budget allocation:
The peak sales period lasts until mid-December, and sales decline after the 20th. Logistics issues are common during this time, and customers are well aware of it. While sales decrease, it allows for a reduction in marketing budgets. However, it doesn't mean that the entire marketing strategy should come to a halt. Plan ahead for upcoming promotions and allocate your budget accordingly.

Tying promotions to payday:
During the pandemic, purchasing power has significantly decreased. The majority of customers prefer more affordable products, and price competition becomes crucial. However, there are tricks you can employ. For example, you can increase advertising bids on paydays. Try focusing on dates that are multiples of five: the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th of each month. The results may pleasantly surprise you!

Emphasizing seasonality:
During the New Year holidays, there is an increased interest in seasonal products offered by online stores. This can include seasonal clothing, footwear, sports equipment, and other winter-related items. Targeted and contextual advertising works particularly well during this time, especially when placed on popular paid channels. As for SEO, it's something that should have been worked on months in advance to see results now. Nonetheless, you can still focus on creating new website pages or landing pages to enter the new season fully prepared.

Continuing advertising campaigns:
People don't stop making purchases with the arrival of the new year. As early as January 3rd, many individuals venture out for new purchases, entertainment, or dining out. During this period, advertisements from small companies are hardly noticeable, while well-known brands advertise heavily and benefit from increased sales. By the way, advertising during these days tends to be more cost-effective.

Maintaining customer communication:
While marketing takes a break, customers still need assistance. No one answers the phone, and no one responds to direct messages. The typical chatbot response of "We'll call you back after a certain date" only pushes potential customers away. They might have been willing to wait for a week or two, but they're uncertain whether the desired products are available in the required quantity and quality. Consider organizing staff duty periods, at least for website and social media interactions. You can also involve freelancers to handle online communication with customers during this period.

Attracting new subscribers:
During the holiday season, users spend more time online without work-related restrictions. Consequently, any subscription offers for website news, news feeds, accounts, groups, and pages will receive more attention. And if there's an additional gift or incentive included, it becomes even more appealing to potential customers. It could be discounts on the first purchase, pleasant bonuses, surprises from partners, or helpful checklists. Offering a gift along with the subscription proposal significantly increases its attractiveness.

Limited-time discounts:
For users who are interested in specific products or services but haven't made a purchase yet, you can offer time-limited discounts. Messages like "Only 4 hours and 59 minutes left to buy... with a 25% discount" work particularly well, especially when accompanied by a countdown timer. Look for opportunities to announce discounts on specific products on particular days of the holiday week.

Enhancing content:
The absence of work-related hustle and bustle allows for thoughtful and high-quality content creation. The factor that largely determines website traffic is the quality of the content. Audiences prefer simple and understandable language, avoiding complex specialized terms and glamorous luxury photos. Preparing and utilizing user-generated content based on real user opinions is an excellent solution.

Collaborating with professionals:
Effective online promotion requires knowledge and experience. To avoid mistakes and unnecessary budget waste, it's easier to hire professionals. FIVE STARS, a digital agency, holds a leading position in Moldova in terms of website promotion and online advertising. Their team of 25 internet marketing professionals is ready to assist you in any tasks related to representing your interests online. Performance marketing, lead generation, sales-enhancing technologies, and other strategies will effectively work for you throughout the year!

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